Torso Trimmer Model- S 



Efficiently Targets Abdominal Muscles

The Torso Trimmer is the first exercise machine that allows you to work all your core muscles at once, while also allowing users the freedom to do high-intensity interval training to help build a stronger core. According to the study conducted by Dr. Jim Richards at the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom shows that the Torso Trimmer stimulates approximately four to five times more combined activity of the core muscles when compared with traditional plank and crunch exercises.

Work Out Your Entire Core in a Whole New Way

The Torso Trimmer's patented design is unique in its ability to offer a complete core workout. Inspired by the pommel horse gymnastics apparatus, the Torso Trimmer was designed by an orthopedic surgeon to allow all the muscles of the core to be engaged in a synchronous and functional way.

Engage Back Muscles and Alleviate Back Pain

The best way to prevent back pain is to strengthen your back muscles. The Torso Trimmer is designed to provide a well-rounded workout for your core, which includes your back muscles. Darren Garrett, personal trainer and fitness manager of leading luxury health and fitness gub the Chelsea Club in London, says the Torso Trimmer "gives members an effective way to condition their core safely with the knowledge that they are performing the exercise correctly and not putting their back at risk."

15 min Aerobic Workout

The Torso Trimmer's revolutionary design allows users to combine both trimming and muscle toning exercises while providing an aerobic, cardio workout. Whether you are a professional body builder or not, Torso Trimmer provides its users with a fun and innovative way to help you achieve great results with just 15-minute exercises per day!


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