Effortless Movement - Infinite Adjustability
The BASI Systems® Reformer is smooth in movement with powerful adjustability. Its innovative EPS Enhanced Pulley System™ provides fine-tuning control of pulley angle and the expanded gear system allows precision in spring resistance settings. With the largest carriage cushion and longest track in the industry, it offers unprecedented comfort and range of motion. It comes with four prepared ports to accommodate the revolutionary F2 System® upgrade. The BASI Systems® Reformer is an expandable system that seamlessly adapts to your needs.


- Aircraft quality aluminum tracks for smooth, quiet carriage ride
- Longest, widest carriage in the industry
- Orthopedic padded cushion extends the full width of the frame
- Pulleys can be set anywhere along the height and width of the half tower
- Highly adjustable headrest, shoulder rests and footbar
- Three gear options for each spring
- Easy conversion to a Reformer with Tower or Reformer Combo
- Equipped with four ports to accommodate the F2 System® upgrade                           

Six different position for each shoulder rest, forward, side or rear facing.

Five footbar angle options: 23, 40, 60, 75 or 90 degrees.

Three gear options for each spring.

Our unique EPS™ Enhanced Pulley System offers fine tuning control of vertical and horizontal angles of pulleys and ropes.


Reformer width length height
wooden frame only 27.6" / 70 cm 98.5" / 250 cm 7.9" / 20 cm
with half tower 28.4" / 72 cm 100" / 254 cm 34.3" / 87 cm
with extension leg (short) 28.4" / 72 cm 100" / 254 cm 39"/ 99.5 cm
with extension leg (medium) 28.4" / 72 cm 100" / 254 cm 42" / 106.5 cm
with extension leg (tall) 28.4" / 72 cm 100" / 254 cm 49.6" / 126 cm
padded surface of the carriage 27.6" / 70 cm 31.1" / 79 cm
carriage with headrest 27.6" / 70 cm 43.7" / 111 cm
mat conversion 27.5" / 70 cm 57" / 145.5 cm


Half Tower, Extension Leg Set (Short)
  • 2 Shoulder Rests
  • 2 Handles (Rubber)
  • 2 Pulleys
  • 2 Ropes
  • 1 Foot Strap
  • 2 Handles (Neoprene)
  • 2 Handles (Aluminum)
  • 4 Stoppers
  • 1 Foot Platform
  • 1 Yellow Spring
  • 1 Blue Spring
  • 3 Red Springs

F2 System

BASI Systems’ revolutionary F2 System® adds unparalleled versatility and precision in spring angle and resistance settings. Multiple F2 Systems® can be added to the four existing ports along your reformer base and can be used individually or in unison.

Reformer with Tower Conversion

Gain Tower functionality, including push-through and roll down bars, with an easy-to-install upgrade package that utilizes your existing equipment.

Reformer Combo Conversion

Your can easily add full Cadillac trapeze functionality to your existing Reformer with our Reformer Combo upgrade.


Sitting Box

BASI Systems® Sitting Box expands the repertoire of your BASI Systems® Reformer. Its orthopedic padded cushioning brings comfort to a range of seated, supine and prone exercies and its curved design makes it easy to lift and position.

Jump Board

BASI Systems® Jump Board brings a strengthening cardio experience to your BASI Systems® Reformer or Reformer with Tower repertoire. Its orthopedic padded cushioning makes jumping gentler to hips, knees and ankles and its curved design makes it easy to lift and position.

Mat Conversion

The optional mat conversion expands your BASI Systems® Reformer, giving you space for Mat work. (The mat conversion is already included with your BASI Systems® Reformer with Tower and Reformer Combo).

Extension Leg Set

Extension legs offer the height option to best suit your space and teaching style.


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