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55 Montieth Road, Embassy Towers (Basement) Egmore, Sales 9884066622 Service 04428592392 Chennai, IN
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sk Хterra Fitness ERG650W rower 5f343c06f9dba36dd46694cd/117353883_752496848904150_8465519372216910573_n.jpg
sk Xebex Rowers are Airbikes 5f343aa8f9dba36dd46690c4/116876103_591656648150774_4300159091226335207_n.jpg
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sk Ultraviolet Pathokill by Afton Fitness. 5f3438b7f9dba36dd46688c8/116152104_922590854904227_2300575766404037522_n.jpg
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sk Xebex Air Bikes 5f0f2927bcf8d139e744410c/108722855_284741282609311_2231883655165529407_n.jpg
sk 16Ft getrxd Pull up rig 5f0f21c5bcf8d139e743ff0d/108124230_3224165607606604_302601391955909182_n.jpg

Ultraviolet pathokill by afton fitness.

  • Jul 30 2020

Disinfect and Sterilize your gym equipment with Ultraviolet Pathokill by Afton Fitness.

UV Light That Is Safe for Humans but Bad for Bacteria and Viruses. ... Scientists have known for decades that broad-spectrum UVC light, which has a wavelength of between 200 to 400 nanometers (nm), is highly effective at killing bacteria and viruses by destroying the molecular bonds that hold their DNA together.

Canadian Crystalline in association with Afton are bringing specially designed UV sterilisation and Disinfection equipment to gyms in order to ensure the safety of fitness enthusiasts all over India. The equipment has been specifically designed to deal with the large number of clients that visit the gym on a daily basis in order to ensure maximum precaution due to the global pandemic. innumareble people come in contact with each others bodily fluids while in a gym which makes it a necessity to ensure that the best sanitary standards are implemented. With social distancing being the need of the hour, our disinfection equipment will allow clients to feel safe from infection during their visit to the gym.

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