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The spirit fitness xe895 elliptical cross trainer

  • May 30 2020

The Spirit Fitness XE895 has the flexibility to allow users to simulate the full body motion of a walk, jog, or run. The electronically adjustable stride length (18″-24″ in 0.5″ increments) and narrow pedal spacing ensure an ideal stride motion, while the oversized/cushioned foot pedals and multi-position hand grips deliver maximum comfort for users of all sizes and fitness levels.

The XE895 features premium components including large sealed roller bearings used with the pedal arms and handlebars, dual roller wheels and aluminum tracks to ensure a smooth and reliable workout.

7.5″ bright blue backlit LCD screen with separate Muscle Activation Profile and HR % Profile LED displays
Generator drive system requires no external power source
Adjustable cooling fan and dual speakers with audio jack for comfort and entertainment
Contact and wireless heart rate monitoring options make your workouts more effective (chest strap transmitter not included)
Dual track system with concave roller wheels for added stability and durability


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