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Sole b94 stationary upright bike

  • Jun 10 2020

The new Sole B94 Stationary Upright Bike is the lowest-priced upright exercise bike from Sole Fitness. While it has some high-end features, this compact unit is intended for home gyms and not commercial settings. Its key features are a durable steel frame, a 26-pound flywheel and a 9″ LCD with 10 workout programs. This bike’s upper resistance levels will challenge beginners and mid-level trainees, but not the most experienced cyclists.
Compact Size: The Sole 94 has a small footprint of just 44″ x 23″. It is 55″ high.
Quiet Operation: Exercise at home without disturbing the peace! Sole indoor bikes are “whisper quiet.” An eddy current resistance system on the B94 helps ensure a smooth transition between 20 challenge levels.
Smooth Drive: The B94 Stationary Upright Bike has a 26-pound flywheel.
Built-In Training Programs: This model allows for 10 preset programs to bring organization to your workouts and make it easy to get working. There are two heart rate controlled workouts and six standard programs such as Hill and Interval. Two user-designed programs can be saved. The workouts and data are shown on a 9″ LCD.
Workout Data: The LCD shows speed, time, distance, resistance, pulse, watts and RPM.
Heart Rate Monitoring: A complete wireless telemetry system on the B94 bike (chest strap included) helps trainees make the most of workouts and assess fitness progress.

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