Highly Adjustable with Smooth Transitions
The BASI Systems® Wunda Chair has an innovative pedal design that extends mobility, offers smooth transitions and finetuning adjustability of spring tension and handle height. Your BASI Systems® Wunda Chair comes with prepared ports to seamlessly accommodate the revolutionary F2 System® upgrade.


- Smooth transitions between resistance settings without removal of springs
- Rounded ergonomic split pedal offers comfort as well as consistent and broad range of motion
- Seat, pedal, and handle grips are covered in orthopedic cushioning with easy-grip antibacterial material
- Removable handles have four locking positions every 6.5 centimeters, 2.56 inches
- Prepared ports support the F2 System® upgrade, adding a finely adjustable spring system to chair work

Higher pedal design offers greater mobilty options.

Adjustable handles have non-slip padding.

Spring resistance can be changed easily without removing springs.


F2 System

BASI Systems’ revolutionary F2 System® adds unparalleled versatility and precision in spring angle and resistance settings. Multiple F2 Systems® can be added to the four existing ports along your reformer base and can be used individually or in unison.


Wunda Chairwidthlengthheight
wooden frame only28.7" / 73 cm35.5" / 90 cm24.5" / 62 cm
with handles (minimum height)21.7" / 55 cm35.5" / 90 cm46" / 117.5 cm
with handles (maximum height)21.7" / 55 cm35.5" / 90 cm55.5" / 141 cm
padded surface of the seat21.7" / 55 cm17" / 43 cm

2 Yellow Springs
2 Black Springs


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