Simple, Durable and Sensible

S23T's simple image makes you feel at ease and trust its durability. A slick deck combined with the Shock Absorption System helps you develop your performance unconsciously without having to get out of your comfort zone.

With VR, Youtube and the internet contained in a console, S23T provides exciting experiences to you.

The Next Generation Treadmill - Stex

Engineered to perfection and built to withstand the heaviest continuous usage. This dependable machine not only has a sturdy design but facility uses will find it easy to operate. A treadmill that improves physical balance as well as physical energy makes your body and soul stronger through advanced performance and strong durability 


Advanced elastomer to cushion shock. It presents a natural exercise feeling and protection exercise effects by perfectly realizing the actual cushion system of the treadmill.


Detects when user gets off the machine and stops the belt after 30 seconds

High Definition Display

A wider display means your running experience become more extensive. The first screen with a vibrant and vivid design of menu starts boosting your eagerness to run.

Track your intensity

Ergonomically designed heart rate bars enable you to track your pulse rate without disturbing your running posture. Thanks to the new Q-stick equipped with the heart rate bars, you can control speed and incline with one touch.

Welcome on & Smart-Stop

S23T treadmills can detect user's presence and send you a massage "Welcome to STEX Fitness"

for ready to operate and stop functioning when user steps off the treadmill.


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