RAPT Leverage Functional Trainer by BRUTEforce® Australia - Afton Fitness

RAPTOR allows you to exercise all muscle groups with multiple exercises for each body part … and that is an under statement. It not only allows you to exercise them it allows you to totally SMASH them.

With weight LOAD capacities for Pressing/Squatting Arms 250kg (550lbs) and cable/pulley 180kg (396lbs) RAPTOR leverage gym is equally effective for the ‘beginner’ as it is for the ‘advanced’ Sports Pro. Fitted with adjustable Safety limiters offers peace of mind and a safe environment when attempting your ‘MAX’. You will NOT out grow the BRUTEforce® RAPTOR leverage gym.

The Birth of RAPTOR Leverage Gym

Every inch of the machine was re-a valued, with leverages fine tuned and extra features added. Some of the changes are subtle and just gives a slightly better muscle contraction during exercises like Tricep extensions, Bicep curls and Lat pull downs. Other improvements such as ‘arc’ and range of movement during Leg Squats and the addition of a multi grip pull up station are a lot more obvious.

BRUTEforce RAPTOR Leverage Gym in More Detail


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