PT Recumbent Bike - 4.0 R

The PT Recumbent Bike (4.0 R) has a low-step entry that is inviting and accessible for users with limited mobility.

Designed with increased comfort in mind for the user, including a comfortable ride experience with its reclined positioning for any user ability.

Maintain your desired heart rate

Heart rate-based programming is available at the touch of a button. Clinicians can assign their patients a targeted heart rate zone and the program adjusts the speed and incline accordingly to stay in the zone. A variety of preset programs gives users a number of choices for the type of exercise they are looking for.

Each pedal is slightly inverted for an optimal foot angle

For a comfortable foot angle and cycling motion, pedals are inverted 2-degrees and feature optimal biomechanics.

Seat moves forward and back, and reclines for comfort

Oversized, padded seat with lumbar support provides a comfortable fit for a wide variety of users. The seat allows for fore/aft and seat back angle adjustments.


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