Price : Rs.85000+GST+Freight+Installation 


Working your chest muscles on a peck deck machine helps you isolate the muscle without stress. You can use the machine without a spotter and easily increase intensity. The peck deck machine adds an element of safety, since the weight you are bearing is not directly over you and will not fall on you if you cannot hold it.



1)To use the peck deck you must first adjust your seat and the weight setting.

2)Adjust the seat forward or backward so that your your forearms and inside        of your arms should align with the arm pads

3)Your elbows should be at shoulder level or slightly below, never above and relaxed down away from your ears. Make sure your weight load is appropriate for you, if you set it too high you can create stress on your joints.

4)Do not let the machine fall back into place; use the resistance of the machine to slowly release back into place. 


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