The main structure is made of a round and oval (120 * 50 mm) section with a wall thickness of 3 mm.

Floor rests of exercise equipment with vertical stability adjustment.

Powerful, high-quality rollers with sealed bearings (do not require additional maintenance and lubrication), provide a soft and quiet ride.

The weight block is driven by a strong, wear-resistant nylon sheathed steel cable with a total diameter of 6 mm.

The weight of the cargo blocks is 4 stacks of 96 kg.

the position of the levers is carried out through a spring-loaded lever with a return mechanism.

Protective cover on the weight block.

Information card-plate with the silhouette of the loaded muscles and the exercise.

Two-layer powder painting of the trainer frame.

Possibility of simultaneous use of up to 4 people.

The multistation is equipped with a patented system for training and rehabilitation of people with reduced mobility (wheelchair users).

Traction blocks with rollers with 3 degrees of freedom.

Multi Gym designed for Disabled and Paraplegics. 

Wheelchair accessible and ergonomically designed for effective workout.

NW Kg/ Lb 815/1793

Length mm/inch 3308/130.3

Width mm/inch 3308/130.3

Height mm/inch 2280/89.8

Weight Stack is 200Lbs * 4 Rectangular in Black color.


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