Club Management Software

The Gym CRM is a feature packed and user friendly member management software tailored for all types of fitness business models such as gyms, crossfit, zumba classes and personal trainers. The resourceful Engage platform is available on all of your internet based devices and supplies many business management tools.
It offers everything you require to let customer conversions flow seamlessly across channels, creating an enhanced experience for both your business and your member. We designed our software to fit a variety of your business needs and as a commitment to you, but we always value your feedback to introduce and adjust features to create the best gym management software.

payment records

Payment Records

Keep track of all member payment plans across all membership plans. Never miss out on the renewal or instalment dates

Membership Management

Membership Management

View all your members with ease. Add new members seamlessly and view existing member comprehensive data.

Multi-tier Access Levels

Keep your data secure with two access levels. Admin can access the data of all the members. Members can access only their data.

Reports & Analytics

View enrolments, membership charts, sales growth, attendance reports, holistically and individually.

Scheduling Classes and Bookings

Create special or regular weekly classes on the portal and assign them to specific trainers. Allow members to sign up for these classes.

Nutrition Plan Management

Assign a purely customized nutrition schedule to each member. Freedom to assign the meals day wise per member.

Assign Activities

Separate out activities like ‘Functional’, ‘Core’, "Zumba" to specific domain expert trainers based on their specialisations.

Tracking Expenses

Track your expenses along with the payments. Make it easy for staff to enter expenses and keep the records handy.


Fancy selling products? List them and mark down their sale order as they go viral within your member-base..

Workout Plan Management

Assign, change or edit a workout plan given to any member based on their goals & targets.

Point of Sale (POS)

A self-workable Point of Sale portal which can be accessed directly by the members to know more about pricing plans, gyms, trainers.

Easy Customization

Looking for special features in the software? No Problem! Just let us know.

24/7 Cloud Based Software

Never lose data. Access member data, analytics or reports from anywhere, anytime. Backed up securely over Microsoft Azure.

Body Composition Integration

Integrates natively with the Actofit Smartscale to measure and log health stats of each member in seconds.

Billing & Invoicing

Apply appropriate tax slabs and generate payment invoices hassle-free based on membership slabs.

Newsletters & Notifications

Power automated email or SMS triggers to keep your members updated and renewals on track.


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