Introducing ClimbStation K.E.R.S. The Only electric driven climbing wall which harnesses the energy created by the climber.

It took more than two years to design the new electronics and our new user interface. After several trials and using the latest technology and skilled engineers, we made a breakthrough. ClimbStation K.E.R.S. (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) produces energy from the climber´s weight and automatically adjusts the speed and settings. This new foundation dramatically improves the climbing experience and functionality.

  • Automatic start: ClimbStation K.E.R.S makes it possible to have a safe automatic start feature without pressing a single button. The wall detects the climber´s weight and starts the program owner has chosen as default.
  • Adaptive speed control and new top speed: ClimbStation adjusts its speed according to the speed of the climber. The system will find the right speed for both light weight and heavier climber. With a 40% increase the new ClimbStation now rolls a top speed of 25 meters per minute.
  • Powerful energy savings: ​The ClimbStation K.E.R.S works with low 24V / 2A energy input. Compared to previous 230V / 10 A. This gives a massive energy savings (more than 90% compared to 1st. generation logic panel and engine driven version)
  • Works globally in all outlets or even with just a battery pack for several hours, ideal for event organizers and perfect technology for outdoors too.

New user interface – Conveniently located 

Our user interface is built to serve customer needs and meet the standards set by the inventor Kaarle Vanamo.


  • User interface location: Maintaining the slim frame design, the user interface in now located on the frontside and can be used while climbing.
  • Terrain editor: 10 pre-set difficulty levels can be edited to match the client base, special event or competition use
  • Wide range of challenge: The wall tilts between +15° – -45° degree negative and will give plenty of challenge for the most demanding users
  • Shortcut buttons: Adjust average speed, difficulty level and current angle before or during the climbing
  • Speed climbing: With a maximum speed of 25 meters per minute the wall enables speed training for experienced climbers.
  • Monitor results: Speed, distance, time, current angle, difficulty level and calorie consumption
  • Climb as you want: User can choose to proceed “to next exercise”, or “repeat” and the wall will repeat the same difficulty as long as you want, or let the wall decide and choose “Random”
Pre-set programs include:
Beginner / Warm-up / Easy / Endurance / Strength / Power / Athlete / Pro Athlete / Superhuman / Conqueror / Manual


Customization Possibilities

Looking for something unique? This stainless steel, icy-image custom ClimbStation was made for a private user. With a customized climbing belt and a backside banner you can make sure your company colors won ́t go unknowtised.
We are able to customize dimensions, materials and software features.

​Example where to use and why

  • Entertaining and efficient Fitness & Sports equipment at any gym: High intensive and a thrilling full-body workout done by a natural movement of climbing.
  • Differentiator for example at Hotels and Resorts: People are looking for activities, this product attracts attention, draws audiences and improves the overall experience.
  • Events and Marketing:  Direct cash flow (average event charge 5€ per 2-5 minutes) and a visible marketing tool to get your message out as users are likely to share memorable images and videos of their action.


  • Features:
  • 150 cm wide and 6,4 meters long climbing surface
  • Requires 200 cm x 400 cm (6,5 x 13 Ft.) floor space and 3,5 meters (11,5 Ft.) ceiling height 
  • Power requirement 24-30V / 2 A. Included transformer works in all outlets
  • ClimbStation K.E.R.S engine with advanced speed control and smooth acceleration
  • Maximum speed of 25 meters  (82 Ft.) per minute
  • Advanced user Interface with automatic programs including editable terrain editor
  • Handhold thread positions up to 550 (under the rubber surface) 
  • Climbing angle radius (+15° – -45° degrees)
  • Including handholds up to 70 pcs and a safety mattress
  • 5 years warranty, 2 years warranty on linear actuators and electronics.
  • Weight approx. 750 kg
  • Convenient transportation and fast set up
Delivery time: Manufacturing and preparation time is approximately 12 weeks from order.
Please contact to get the latest availability information.
Warranty: 5 years on frame, 2 years electronics


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