The world’s first hybrid EMS device that allows training with and without cable at the same time. Actiwave was designed to fit any EMS training needs and any business models, while offering never before seen earning opportunities.

Multiply your revenue with Group Training sessions for up to 6 clients and double the turnover of your EMS microstudio with not just one but 2 or more training sessions at the same time with only one device.

The first and only hybrid EMS device in the world

XBody Actiwave is the next step in the evolution of EMS solutions. It is the first and only EMS training device in the world that is simultaneously capable of wired and wireless training.

XBody Actiwave was developed to empower studio owners by having the freedom to use any training methods they want, so they can build their own business as they want. Be it wired personal training, wireless Group Training, functional, sport specific, indoor or outdoor training, Actiwave is still the only EMS device capable to fit all these training methods. 

Double your turnover with one device

Actiwave’s unrivaled hybrid capability allows studio owners to schedule wired and wireless trainings at the same time with only one device, thus doubling their turnover and effectiveness.

While you would need two traditional EMS devices to do the same, with XBody Actiwave you will only need one. Save on the cost of buying a second EMS device and earn more with this capability.

Multiply your revenue with Group Training

When you have an Actiwave in your studio, new business opportunities will open up. Why train only one single client, when you could train up to 6 clients at the same time and multiply your revenue?

With XBody Actiwave you can use its wireless Group Training functionality to train multiple clients at the same time while still paying individual attention and settings to each client. Earn more money, save costs and use your trainers effectively.

How does Actiwave work?

Our in-house Product Development Team has invented and worked out a unique and effective solution for wireless group training. It works on a safe and separated network provided by the XBody Point connecting the Actiwave device and the Actiwear units. With one Actiwave you can train 6 clients wireless (with 6 Actiwears) or 5 clients wireless (with 5 Actiwears) plus one client with a wired connection to the head unit, it is up to you and your preference!

Our XBody Point has its own separated channels, and the network configuration can easily be optimized should there be any intereference with other wireless devices in the area.

Our Actiwear is a mini EMS device itself, once you have adjusted the settings on the Actiwave, it synchronizes and can work alone, meaning you can train without distance limits between the Actiwave and Actiwear, and explore the exciting possibilities our Go-Out function has to offer.

If you have internet connection, you also have the possibility to connect to XBody Online service.

The Unchallenged Champion

XBody Actiwave represents the next evolutionary step in the EMS industry.

Featuring hybrid wired and wireless functionality, functional and sport specific trainings, indoor and outdoor capabilities, a 15″ touch screen, built-in training programs with regular software updates and many new features, this award winning EMS device stands as the pinnacle of achievement in the EMS technology and opens up never before seen business opportunities.

If you want an EMS device that was designed to help your business succeed and grow, Actiwave will give you unparalleled freedom to run your business as you want, and offer any training methods to your clients.


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