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Dashr’s mission is to streamline athletic performance testing by offering professional equipment designed specifically to offer programs of all levels the capability to accurately measure the progress of their athletes.

Dashr was founded on the premise that smaller programs, such as high schools, gyms, trainers, and club teams, should have the ability to train and evaluate their athletes accurately and effectively. Our team has evaluated thousands of athletes at the collegiate level and has seen the advantage of testing experience.  We work to even the playing field by delivering next-level technology at much more affordable prices, so that athletes from both large and small programs can be equally prepared for college and professional opportunities. Though Dashr was founded for the little guy, it is now used by D1 universities, movement research facilities, and professional teams worldwide.

Roster Spots
RFID Module
AutoID Kit
1-Gate System
Dashr Display
2-Gate System
3-Gate System
4-Gate System