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55 Montieth Road, Embassy Towers (Basement) Egmore, Chennai, IN

Every single Eleiko barbell bar, for training or competition purposes, is real art works, produced on high quality standard. Eleiko is quality with its secret Swedish steel material, the unique design of the barbell bar and the special endings of the barbell. To make sure that every single barbell bar meets the requirements for its training and competition purposes, every bar is tested. The barbell bars are load with 1500 kg in the middle of the bar and should not bend or break. In training and weightlifting competitions the barbell bars will however never be load with such weights. The barbell bar has to get back in its straight form after testing with a tolerance of 0,5 mm. The same testing is executed with the endings of the barbell bar, though with 2000 kg each side. You will not be surprised that you get a life long warranty for the Eleiko barbell bars