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The sole e25 elliptical trainer

  • Jun 10 2020

The E25 is Sole’s entry-level elliptical trainer offering newcomers to cardio training an affordable way to exercise while protecting their joints. It offers a range of features to keep you motivated, from an integrated tablet holder to dock your device and Bluetooth audio speakers to stream your top workout playlists.

As for the lower body, just ramp up the E25’s power incline to a maximum of 20 degrees for a serious training boost. Another way the E25 helps you train different muscle groups in the lower body is its ability to alter between forward and reverse pedaling motions.

Resistance is provided by a 20-pound flywheel, which is fairly heavy for a machine in its price class; it makes for a comfortable, and smooth ride. The pedals even have a two-degree inward slope, as recommended by physical therapists to reduce the likelihood of ankle or knee stress.

The default display is a 6.5″ LCD, but trainees can dock their tablet or smartphone on the integrated tablet holder to set up workouts and track their progress too. The E25’s compatibility with the Sole Fitness app means users can sync their treadmill workout data with their favorite fitness app such as FitBit, MyFitnessPal or Apple Health. The Sole Fitness app will keep monitoring your exercise data in the background as you enjoy your TV shows, podcasts or music on your device.

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